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"The oscillatory vision: meta_identity"


Written by LEE Min



[Intention of the project]
This exhibition under the theme of identity was designed with four rooms which contain four different interpretations about the subject 'me'. It starts off with my attempt to broaden the concept of 'Meta-identity' which can be define as transcendental or infinite transformation of one's identity remarked by Anthony Giddens. My assumption is that parts of my identities are spread across even in objects, plants and animals which differs totally from essence of myself. Four respective rooms where there are different interpretations of my identities are divided into mankind and animal, plant, mineral kingdom. I reveled myself only through scheming the relation between me and plants and animals.

The space of the exhibition, an artwork, is distorted into places where it is totally different from the reality like the novel, <Alice In Wonderland> and turned into exist-experiencing space with a whole new rules and orders. Displaying this artistic conducts, inquiries about the way one acknowledge one's identity under codes learned through cramming teachings and redefinition about identity itself is made just the same in criteria of other creatures.

[The oscillatory vision, meta_identity]

Simgokbon-Dong 739-10

The place where I live is a residential area and there are six lane roads within twenty steps from the front door of my house. Across the road, there are large mart, second hand market and Bucheon station. On the way to the station, there is an underground shopping mall which is consist of vendors that sells clothes, shoes and mobile phones. On the other hand, when you turn to the upper corner of 739-10 street, there is an elementary school undergoing remodel process and from that point, restaurants are all over the place for 500 meter or so. This street visited by many people on a daily basis is the place where I take a walk whenever I feel like to.
I made an detecting diary about the lives of the street within 1km radius. However, the truth is, I don't really care who it is or what it is. I don't even force myself to find a link between collected images and myself. I just ask substantial questions about definition of myself and others. These inquiries are made through changing the position of images and watcher.

Name = Identity?

In the beginning of the world, God decided to permit human to name every single livings on earth. This is how things began to be named and called as they are nowadays. It is said that 'As I call his name, it was the moment when he became my life flower' in the poem <Flower> by Kim Chunsoo. As being the case, am I the one who is being called? Am I the one who I have known for a long time? Is my belief on who I am can be justified?
Why don't we start with erasing certain identity which is fixed with endless questions for a long time. Everything is being created, transformed, developed and expired. Nothing is fixed in earth forever. Identity is not consist of obsolete platform but built through fluent standard which is supported by neighbors like the changeable beings reflected through mirrors. Identity is nothing but a single happening among many phenomena. Even myself can be changed like the person I drew in my mind because myself is actually a something made of vain substance. Just like how the main character Grenouille, in the novel of Patrick Suskind <Perfume>, turns himself to someone else through fragments, I started my observation about myself. It was quiet natural for me to try 'considering myself as other things' and 'questioning about real me' and 'segregating myself into four different status'. These are the questions that have brought me ; Am I the one who is being called? Am I the real me? or Is my belief on who I am desirable?


"One was everything without no limit." <EL ALEPH> by Jorge Luis Borges

'Changing' is one meaning of a prefix 'meta', and this term allows me to transform into animals and plants. I turned into an elementary student with school bags on, a grandpa taking a walk with a stick, a weary salaried man running through an underground shopping center, a barking dog in front of neighbors and even a busy fly striding across the house. I can also be the tree-lined street, growing hard weeds between a crevice of an alley and flowers planted on the street for city cleaning and also the soil. Various characters of myself will be shown through archived pictures and films and man with the red shirt and my name on will be talking instead of me. Furthermore, magic mirror will be presented to the audience representing the reflected image of myself. I am myself and all the observed matters at a same time.
I'm the meta_me.

The oscillatory vision
"[I] do not exist but not absence either and can be consider as existing and nonexisting at a same time."
<Biyubumu Yeokyuyeokmu-Banya Shimkyung>

Can I become another person? Is it possible to be another thing? It reminds me of <Gatgido> which is on a rise through the Gag Concert, the comedy TV show. Gatgido shows a military service that resembles somewhat like dance but lacks the similarity in characteristic of military art. With little shaky movements, the show expresses the meaningless of asking whether who I am nor what become of me by shouting 'this is not me nor other!'. For most of people, identity is the boundary that separates myself and others in society and neighbors. Through artistic conducts called 'becoming', I provoked inquiries about stereotyped explanation of our identity, thus, presenting various identities which is hidden inside of myself.